Correctly formed fabric vaults

Arched Shade Structure

In order to be a correctly double curved “anti-clastic” surface, the fabric on an arched structure curves down between the arches as well as over the arch. To achieve this the fabric must be patterned with curved edges to each Continue reading Correctly formed fabric vaults

Not all is as it “Seams”

Seamed Shade Cloth

The majority of shade sails are too large to fit inside the width of fabric off the roll therefore, they are made by joining strips of shadecloth together to form a larger panel – this process is called seaming. Seams Continue reading Not all is as it “Seams”

Commercial Shadecloth – what’s in a name?

Shadecloth, shade sail

Shade cloth manufacturers refer to many of their products as “Commercial” – but what does it really mean and how does it differ from non-commercial products? The apparent purpose of the term it is to differentiate one fabric type from Continue reading Commercial Shadecloth – what’s in a name?