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Umbrellas – Fixed vs Demountable
Correctly formed fabric vaults
Generic Engineering
Why is Patterning Critical
Online Shade Sail Shopping
Not all threads are created equal
Commercial Shadecloth – what’s in a name?
Fabric Warranty – what’s the real value?

Generic Engineering

Broken Umbrella

There is a strong tendency for shade providers to use pre-engineered ‘generic’ structures to both justify the initial costs of engineering and to simplify and streamline the fabrication and supply process. This ‘one-size-fits-all’ carries with it inherent dangers of non-compliance. Continue reading Generic Engineering

Tension – not bending

Tensioned Structure

Fabric structures are often referred to as tensile structures which refers to the basic principles involved i.e. the fabric system should be in tension. Poor design can result in asymmetric tension forces which can lead to bending as can be Continue reading Tension – not bending

Not all is as it “Seams”

Seamed Shade Cloth

The majority of shade sails are too large to fit inside the width of fabric off the roll therefore, they are made by joining strips of shadecloth together to form a larger panel – this process is called seaming. Seams Continue reading Not all is as it “Seams”