Large storage tents for Tacloban

pvc tents

Relief and reconstruction work is continuing in earnest in the Phillipines following the recent devastation wrought by Cyclone Haiyan, reputed to have been the strongest to reach landfall in human history! Glarfab is a specialised tensile structure manufacturing facility located in Subic Bay, Continue reading Large storage tents for Tacloban

What’s the rate per square foot or meter

Often we are asked this question in the very early stages of a conversation about a project. This tells us is the client believes that all shade solutions are the same and therefore the cheapest rate is going to deliver Continue reading What’s the rate per square foot or meter

Umbrellas – Fixed vs Demountable

Architectural umbrellas are tensile structures – the fabric is in tension and able to deal with loads such as wind and snow Fixed umbrellas are engineered to suit the local conditions – they are fixed and do not have to Continue reading Umbrellas – Fixed vs Demountable

Fabric Structure Engineering

Engineering is critical to the success of any fabric tension structure and includes: Determining applicable loads, pre-stress, and final design strength and serviceability  loads Determine reactions and subsequent structural behaviour Design Structure/Critical Detailing/Connection The whole process is iterative and requires Continue reading Fabric Structure Engineering

Correctly formed fabric vaults

Arched Shade Structure

In order to be a correctly double curved “anti-clastic” surface, the fabric on an arched structure curves down between the arches as well as over the arch. To achieve this the fabric must be patterned with curved edges to each Continue reading Correctly formed fabric vaults