Umbrellas – Fixed vs Demountable

Architectural umbrellas are tensile structures – the fabric is in tension and able to deal with loads such as wind and snow

Fixed umbrellas are engineered to suit the local conditions – they are fixed and do not have to be taken down when the wind blows so they provide shelter in all design weather conditions

Demountable umbrellas are made light so they can be removed – if they are left up in wind their lightweight construction can get damaged and fail which could lead to serious liability risks. They typically have a label attached to the frame which advises that the umbrella must be collapsed in the event of high winds or the warranty will be void

Often these umbrellas are fitting with link panels and/or curtains (in an attempt to make a cheap permanent umbrella). They cannot be demounted thereby voiding the warranty while at the same time increasing the risk of damage and/or injury because the structures are not engineered to handle the additional loads. The end result is often disappointing as its difficult to avoid leaking

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