Online Shade Sail Shopping

Online Shade Sail Shopping
Online Shade Sail Shopping

So here you are searching the web to get a deal on a shade sail. How do you know if the sail is any good?

You could look at pictures of shade sails from different suppliers but this is not really helpful. After all, no-one is going to show you pictures of sails they made that didn’t work out.

Nor are you going to see pictures of sails after a few years that have become saggy and very unattractive. Most pictures don’t show detail and even if they did, how do you knowing nothing about shade sails, make a decision as to which story is the right one.

Without knowledge, we all too often will be drawn in by a great looking web site that offers what appears to be a good price. Today, fancy web site design is a commodity which can be ordered on-line from anywhere. It is not a qualification required for the design or supply of good shade sails (or any other product for that matter).

The first and most important step in achieving a perfect sail is design.

We’ve all heard about silk purses and sow’s ears – well, when it comes to shade sails, nothing could be more true. No matter how perfectly you pattern, fabricate, and install a shade sail using the very best materials available, if the design is poor then the result will at best be poor and then will get worse with time.

We have prepared a separate post which discusses design and we suggest you review this to help you decide on the best shape for your application. Once you have resolved a design, then review our post on the issues of fabrication

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